Prelude – Welcome to the Word Wide Web

There are no typos in the title. I care too fondly for grammar to allow myself to get away with such a thing.

No, this title speaks a certain truth: the Internet is only as big, as meaningful, as the words we submit to publication upon its canvas.

The same can be said for the world itself. Where the words we type are painted on the Internet canvas, the words we say and the actions we perform leave impressions on the minds and hearts of those we meet every day.

We forget this. We carelessly throw words around like they mean nothing. What happened to the days when people took a moment to consider how they spoke, to weigh the impact of sentences said? What happened to poetry in prose, when even the smallest tidbits of conversation had the potential to become quotable quotes for years to come?

No, it appears we have lost the time and patience for quality writing. People these days are too busy, too distracted to speak in anything more than acronyms, sound bites as cheap and ready to go as a fast food cheeseburger.

We are robbing ourselves of our vocabulary.

But I have far too much respect for language to subject myself to such inanity.

My name is Bilal Z. Raychouni.

Welcome to my blog.