There are people out there who believe that the arts are unimportant.

They believe that these forms of expression are worthless, pointless, a waste of time and resources.

They insist that people who pursue careers in expression are useless individuals who believe that their short and precious lives are being burned away on trivial pursuits when they could be devoting their energy to more worthwhile professions.

These are people who do not understand the power of Story.

Story, you see, is important. Story is the foundation of every society known to us and even those yet undiscovered. Story makes us conscious, makes us human. Story builds our history, defines our culture.

Painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, music, literature, film, television, videogames—each and every one of these forms of expression is founded on Story, based in Story, actively tells a Story.

Anyone who dares to believe that these forms of expression are irrelevant to us, to a community, to a society, simply does not understand the power, the importance, of Story.

Before the written word, before text was invented, before scribblings made sounds, before chisel met clay, before ink met parchment, we had the spoken word, oral tradition. These early tales laid the groundwork for language, music, narration, oration, performance, all of which came together to create the world’s first Stories. These Stories invented entire cultures, societies, theologies, beliefs, practices, all stemmed from tales uprooted from bright minds and displayed for the world to see, to hear, to believe in.

Story created society, created culture. Story, to this day, has made cultures far removed from our native ones accessible, understandable. Story makes learning easy and fun. Story is the most important thing that we, as humans, as living, breathing, sentient beings, have.

We owe our existence to the power of Story.

Memories you share of loved ones and good times? Story.

Religious parables that help you understand and learn goodness and morality as preached by your doctrine? Story.

Legends of heroes of ancient times, whose actions defined the history that put your two feet on this Earth? STORY.


Story makes us what we are, who we are. When civilization crumbles, when our lives are uprooted and we are shoved face-first into a cruel and unforgiving world, how do we carry on?

We tell Stories. Stories that comfort us, help us hold on to hope. Stories that inspire us, make us want to make a change, and when we make these changes, when we rebuild, when we come together as people, the first thing that we will create is a new Story, about us, about what we did with the time we had, about how we built our brave new world and learned to begin again.

I am not a writer. I am not a filmmaker. These are my mediums.

I am a Storyteller.

Story is Humanity.

Story is Everlasting.

Story is Everything.